Forest Pike

Born in California, Forest enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served as a UH-1 Crew Chief flying aboard the “Huey” helicopter. After more than ten years of military service, and with the Afghanistan/Iraq Campaigns coming to an end, Forest left the minigun and spent brass behind for the endless mountain ranges of the West. He’s passionate about testing himself and his gear, often identifying weaknesses in each and seeking improvements thereafter. When he isn’t on the mountain, Forest can be found with his loving wife (Jenn) and their three children.

Brady Harang

Born and raised in Sitka, Alaska. Brady is well-versed outside in everything from adventure filming and photography to commercial fishing. He offers modern visual perspectives and expects everything from the gear that helps him do so while in the field. When Brady isn’t filming or fishing, he can be found participating in adrenaline activities such as riding his dirt bike or snowmobile.

Jerrod Lile

Jerrod finds that the research component is nearly as much fun as a hunt. He focuses most of his hunt time and research on tags that are either over-the-counter or available with a three-year or shorter waiting period to draw. He loves to hunt every year and knows our customers do too. His hunting travels have enabled him to hunt and/or scout 13 different states in addition to a bowhunting trip in Africa.

Jake Lile

Born in Idaho and raised in Plains, Montana, Jake was fortunate to grow up in the hunting industry. His family’s love for adventure took him all over the West, predominantly in the pursuit of archery elk and unforgettable memories. After spending three years teaching high school English, Jake shifted focus to helping new and experienced hunters alike equip for the outdoors while maintaining his passion for education and mentorship. When he’s not hunting, Jake enjoys powerlifting, swing dancing, and coaching wrestling.

Isaiah Joner

Born and raised in Plains, Montana. Isaiah’s passion for hunting and backcountry adventuring stemmed from an early age of having grown up in The Treasure State. He’s steadfast and devoted to any objective regardless of the harsh elements and challenges that may surmount. When he isn’t geared up for adventure or high upon some mountainous peak, Isaiah can be found raising his three children with his wonderful wife, Teresa.

Horseman with pack mule in Colorado

Garth Jenson

Born and raised in Southern Utah, Garth was brought up in a farming and ranching community. He's a modest and humble professional of the hunting and outdoors industry who takes readiness seriously, from his personal fitness to every aspect of his gear. He has an acute mindset focused toward performance and quality. When he isn't tending mules in the backcountry, Garth can be found with his wife and daughters, or happily driving a tractor.

Austin Atkinson

 Born in Alaska and raised in Arizona, Austin is an avid adventurer and experienced hunter across many landscapes. He has a wealth of knowledge stemming from his more than 13 years of guiding Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bear, and Mountain Goat in the remote regions that Alaska has to offer. Austin is technical, meticulous, and keen on quality. When he isn’t subjecting himself to harsh conditions and endless miles, Austin can be found happily spending time with his wife and six children.

Robert Hanneman

Robert was lucky enough to grow up in a small town in northern Nevada. With a family that loved hunting and a father and grandfather who were trappers, it is easy to see where he got his love of the outdoors.

At 20 years old, he made the decision to move to Montana. With all of the over-the-counter tags in Idaho and Montana, you would think he had been content, but he loves exploring new country, so he continues to apply for tags across the West.

In 2012, I went to work for Huntin’ Fool, but I have been consulting and working with application services since 2005. Knowing state regulations and draw statistics and following high trophy potential areas are second nature to me. Since I was old enough to apply, I have been religious about understanding new guidelines, critiquing new areas, studying state statistics, and putting boots on the ground across the West.

Stanton Upson

Born and raised in California, Stan's life was most centered around sports and livestock. He wasn't introduced to hunting until he moved to Utah to attend college at Southern Utah University. His friends helped him fill out applications, and the first tag he drew was a Panguitch Lake rifle deer tag. After that hunt, he never looked back.

Logan Hedges

Logan started guiding at the ripe old age of 18 and has never looked back. From a young age, Logan knew what I wanted to do and that was to just be in the outdoors. Guiding fly fishing trips in the summer, chasing bucks and bulls in the fall, predator hunting and ice fishing throughout the winter, and then baiting/spotting and stalking bears in the spring was his yearly routine. That is the best part of his job isgetting to help fellow sportsmen with their hunting adventures.

Eric Bachofner

Success in the western big game draws has taken Eric all over the country, and I’ve had the opportunity to hunt muskox on Nunivak Island, Alaska, ibex in the Florida Mountains of southern New Mexico, and many points in between. I’ve been lucky enough to hunt moose, mountain goat, and sheep as well. My favorite hunts tend to be spike camp type self-guided archery hunts. I’m drawn to the challenge of testing myself against the mountains and ultimately getting within archery range of an animal. The harder the hunt, the more gratification that comes in its success.

At Huntin’ Fool, we recognize that the research that goes towards which hunts to apply for as well as a solid plan going into the hunt are vitally important in the outcome of your hunt being fulfilled in the way you’d hoped. Whether it’s planning your first self-guided hunt out west or coming up with a hunt strategy that has you finally hanging your tag on that first bull, I count it a privilege to be at your service and assist you in any way I can.

Josh Harris

Josh has personally hunted and fished all over the world and have taken world-class trophies with archery, muzzleloader, and rifle equipment. He loves hunting in new locations and for new species, and his passion has always been pursuing big game in adventurous destinations. With his love for new and exciting opportunities also comes his pursuit of achieving the North American Super Slam. This pursuit has taken serious dedication, planning, resources, and time, and with only eight species left on his list and fingers crossed, he hopes to achieve this lifelong dream soon.