Gear, Grit,
and Passion

We here at Gear Fool are passionate about answering the beckoning call to adventure, exploring remote wildernesses, and living amongst the wild creatures that roam there. We understand that personal grit helps get us there, and quality gear enhances the experience. It is our mission to offer modern gear solutions that are vetted by our team of professionals - The Experts - so that others may enjoy grand adventures of their own.

Gear Fool…Equip for the Outdoors.

Personal Grit

Reaching high summits or remote basins is hard work. Staying out there or surpassing waypoints amongst the elements is even harder. It takes a certain degree of intestinal fortitude and willingness to endure, something we here at Gear Fool refer to as “personal grit”.

Quality Gear

We understand that quality gear isn’t common nor assumed. It is best once vetted under real world conditions. That’s why we’ve done all the work for you: testing hundreds of different brands over several years until we found just what works best.


We’re just as passionate about helping others succeed in their own adventures as we are in ours. Adventure is a natural calling for us. We enjoy being able to share our knowledge of gear, as well as our stories from the field. We want you to make your next waypoint comfortably and safely.

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