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The Ultimate Gear for Backcountry Hunting? It's You.
When preparing for a backcountry hunt, most hunters focus on selecting the right equipment––rifles, optics, and survival gear. However, amid this preparation, many overlook their most crucial gear: themselves. At Gear Fool, we understand the importance of being physically fit and mentally tough for a successful hunting trip. This is where MTNTOUGH’s online fitness programming plays a pivotal role, ensuring hunters are prepared in every aspect.
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Winter Backpacker in Very Deep Snow
An effective sleep system for winter adventuring requires careful consideration of the elements at-hand, an understanding of oneself both physiologically and behaviorally amidst the cold, and a knowledge of the gear available from which to choose. The tangible assets of...
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3 Mistakes People Make With Their Down Insulation
Undeniably, western hunting (and hunting in general for that matter) often involves unpredictable weather patterns and cold climates that require our sustained endurement. The challenge of the pursuit at-hand demands that we remain firm under discomfort, without yielding, until either...
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