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K4 5000: Our Thoughts After 100 Pounds!

Watch Brady and Forest discuss this pack's highlights and performance after wrapping up the 2023 Pack Comparison Video with 50 and 100lbs.

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2023 Pack Comparison: 50 and 100 Pounds

Watch Brady and Forest fit and wear five of the top packs for 2023, while carrying 50 and 100 pounds for about a mile each leg.

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BAKCOU Mule Range Test!

Forest loads a BAKCOU Mule with 65 lbs of cargo and sets out to determine the effective operating radius. While in ECO Mode with a Level 3 assist selected, he pedals through mountainous terrain with the intent mindset of gauging just how far this setup with the smaller 17.5 ah can make it. He was far from being disappointed!

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Stone Glacier Sky Solus 1P Tent

Overnight in DEEP SNOW!

Is it worth the investment? Watch to see our initial impressions after taking this shelter on a winter backpacking trip to 9500' in Southern Utah in 9-feet of snowpack.

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Winter Backpacking

Why a 4-Season Tent You Ask?

Brady shares his experience with tent selection, and talks about when and why it's worth it to bring a 4-Season Tent over a 3-Season Tent.

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An In-Field Overview

SITKA vs. Stone Glacier Cold Weather Kits

Forest and Brady spent the night on the mountain in the dead of winter with deep snow. How did their layering selections compare?

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If I Had $1000 To Spend

In this video, Brady goes through the SITKA Gear products that he would purchase if he had a $1000 budget. This video concludes with two lists: Humid vs. Arid Layering Builds

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