Lightbar Headlamp PRO Review

Lightbar Headlamp PRO Review

Designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, the all-new Lightbar PRO headlamp will quickly become your new favorite piece of gear in your hunting pack. Unlike traditional headlamps that only allow you to see one small focused area at a time, Lightbar’s innovative design brings you complete peripheral vision, allowing you to see everything around you. Powerful Lightbar Illumination coupled with professional-grade features define the Lightbar PRO. Thanks to its 500 lumen output, Lightbar PRO puts you in complete control of your ability to see when the lights go out. With its 3000 mAh li-ion detachable battery pack, Lightbar PRO gives you over five hours of usage on high and over 35 hours of light on its low setting. With a low profile and lightweight design, you can wear your Lightbar for hours on end with maximum comfort. Lightbar, see the difference!

The Lightbar PRO headlamp is great for close quarters lighting. It is as bright of a headlamp as you will find on the market and is great for hiking trails, skinning or processing game, and any other job that requires superior lighting within close proximity. I found this headlamp extremely helpful as a camp light or when I needed a wide cast of light to illuminate a bigger area as more of a lantern substitute. The biggest benefit to this light pattern is the light emitted in your peripheral view. The ability to see out the side clearly is a nice addition.

It was surprisingly comfortable, and you don’t even realize you have it on. The battery pack is not very big, so it isn’t cumbersome, but when you run it on high, it will drain the battery rather fast. I found it started to fade after four hours from a full charge. I would recommend having a backup battery on hand if you are planning on running it for extended periods or multiple days.

One con I can see with this headlamp is that the weight is slightly heavier than some headlamps on the market if you are looking for a backpacking headlamp. The other con is that it does not broadcast lights as a beam, so the range is limited. When trying to navigate unfamiliar country and you want more of a beam to see what type of topography lies ahead further than 40 yards, this headlamp isn’t the best. Given the pros and cons, I would still highly recommend the Lightbar headlamp for superior light for hiking trails and camp chores alike when in the field. It is hard to beat the amount of light emitted for the weight and price of this headlamp.” – Garth Jenson, Hunt Advisor


  • Max Output: 500 lumens
  • Exclusive Lightbar Red mode
  • Lightbar Ecosystem compatible
  • Dimmable red, white, & spotlight modes
  • Intuitive 2 button interface with Easy ON/OFF
  • Headband width 1" adjustable 11"-25.5" comfortably stretches to 36+”