Arizona Coues/Mule Deer - Late Season Archery (January)

Arizona Coues/Mule Deer - Late Season Archery (January)

Gear List: Arizona Coues/Mule Deer - Late Season Archery (January)

For those of us who reside in a more northerly latitude than those associated with The Grand Canyon State, being able to travel southward in January is a welcomed opportunity to escape the cold and snow with bow in hand. Don't let this hunt fool you though when it comes to your gear selection! The landscapes that host Coues Deer and Mule Deer in Arizona are incredibly unforgiving, from their thorn-ridden vegetation to their endless rock outcroppings. We generally operate using a vehicular basecamp for this hunt to maintain flexibility and mobility; however, it isn’t unusual to see an 8-10 mile day spent on foot. Here's a breakdown of quality gear recommendations specific to this late-season opportunity in Arizona, some brands of which we don't personally offer (...yet!), as an authentic and transparent offering to better prepare yourself for an experience well-enjoyed:

Check out this year's Late-Season Arizona Experience had by the Huntin' Fool here:

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