SITKA Women's Timberline Pant: They're That Good, Trust Me!

A female hunter standing on the mountainside with a bull elk

As quality women hunting lines continue to emerge in the outdoor industry, I notice myself becoming more and more picky about what I wear on each adventure, because I can be! For many years, my options were somewhere between large youth clothing and extra small men’s clothing. Women hunting lines hadn’t come around yet, so it’s special to continually see well-respected camo brands embracing that women have a place on the mountain and deserve to be comfortable while hunting.

I can confidently speak for the ladies when I say that pants are arguably the hardest piece to get right. When considering a woman’s shape and how diverse we can be, I start to understand why many brands seem to run from the idea of launching a quality women’s line. However, SITKA was one of the first to do it and do it right. They didn’t just come out with 1 or 2 pieces with pink accents and call it good. They didn’t cut corners. Each piece of their line is well thought out and functional, and it’s obvious that women were involved in the design of it.

While I could rave about many of their pieces, the SITKA Timberline Pant continues to stand out years after its initial launch. I typically judge a layering system or individual piece on the following categories: fit, function, durability, comfort, and noise. Let’s dive into these categories a bit!

 A female snowboarder on the chairlift while wearing SITKA Gear


For starters, the pants are true-to-size. I am 5’6”, 135lbs, normally wear a 26 in jeans and the size 26 fits me perfectly, while still having the flexibility that I need in the mountains. Their waist options range from 25-40, all in a regular length. I would describe them as having an athletic fit, not to be confused with “slim fitting.” I do have a slender build, but my curvy friends wear them well and rave about them. My only complaint would be that they don’t have a tall option for those with longer legs, which is something I say about nearly every women’s line currently available.


I’m unaware of another hunting pant that has a reinforced waterproof seat and knees, with removable knee pads and large cargo pockets on the outer thighs. They thought of everything. Whether I’m crawling through open country trying to close the final gap on an animal, or sitting and glassing for hours on dew-covered ground, I’m comfortable in these pants. The stretchy material allows for flex, when necessary, but won’t be hanging off you by the end of the day. I’m also able to put a base layer under them without losing functionality. They’re tapered in the legs so they’re not catching on every bush you pass or creating unnecessary noise. The waistband is a thinner material where you won’t feel it under your pack on a heavy load. Every detail was accounted for, and they’ve become a top choice for my Western big game hunts. It’s not a pant that I’d wear late season sitting in a tree stand because they lack the proper insulation, but that’s not what they were designed for anyway.


I’ve put the SITKA Timberline pants through a lot over the last couple of years and they’ve held up to it all: chasing mountain lions through Nevada, elk hunting in New Mexico with more than a handful of pack outs, snowboarding in Utah, and many adventures in between. They can handle brush country and rocky terrain, crawling through fields, and numerous wash cycles. I’m extremely impressed with their performance over time and will be purchasing more color options soon!

 Female Hunter holding a mountain lion in SITKA Gear


These pants hug me in all the right places, in all the right ways! Of course, having the reinforced waterproof knees and seat certainly make them slightly less comfortable than having a single material, but it doesn’t take away from my desire to wear them. In fact, if they had more solid options, I’d wear them all the time. I already wear them snowboarding during the off-season. They’re also nice to have while bending over cleaning an animal before the pack out. That extra cushion around the joints really makes it nice.


I’ve yet to notice anything regarding noise. The material is quiet, especially for how durable it is. This is a common complaint among other pants I’ve tried, where they often make a “swish” noise because of the water-resistant coating in the material, but I don’t have that problem with the SITKA Timberline pants.


One of the first things I hear from people when I mention SITKA is the price of their clothing. It’s true, it’s not cheap, but these are a staple piece for any avid outdoorsman and I promise you won’t think about the price after you spend any amount of time in them. You’ll be wanting another pair. They’re that good, trust me! Have questions you'd like answered? GET IN TOUCH!