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Wild John Surfer's Greens with Cordyceps

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Nutrient-packed greens blend formulated to give you sustained energy to reach peak performance.

Flavor: Light Lemon Twist

Performance Challenge & Solution

  • Getting the necessary nutrients you need to stay energized while living a busy and active lifestyle
  • Surfer’s Greens rip sticks and packable tubs simplify your routine by giving you vital nutrients to sustain your energy throughout the day in convenient packaging that you can take on-the-go

Peak Performance Benefits

Surfer’s Greens is designed to give you sustainable energy throughout your adventures, layovers, and time changes. Plus, they support the body in its fight against inflammation and boost your immune system so you’re less likely to be sick or sore in the morning. Surfer’s Greens is a potent blend of dozens of nutrient dense leafy greens, cordyceps mushrooms, superfoods, vital phytonutrients, and healthy probiotic fiber. Surfer’s Greens provides quality ingredients that support sustainable energy, alkalization, cognitive health, and mental clarity, and support a healthy immune system while out doing what you love.

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