Caribou Gear Game Bag Spray

Caribou Gear Game Bag Spray

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This food-grade formula will keep the bugs off and stop bacteria growth in its tracks. Perfect for long hauls and warm weather hunts. This lightweight product is easy to use- simply add formula to clean drinking water shake and apply.

Package Contains:

1 – 2 oz Dry Powder Citric Acid Formula

1 – 4 oz. Applicator Bottle Citric Acid Spray Meat Preserve 2oz formula; 4 oz bottle

Instructions: add formula granules to fill line on the bottle. Shake until completely dissolved. Spray game meat thoroughly at all locations of the skinned animal parts. This can be done at the kill sight if there is a high concentration of bugs.

On extended hunts, a day or two after the kill, remove the game bags during the last hours of daylight. Spray down the exposed meat parts, re-bag, and let sit overnight.


Weight 0.55 lbs
Volume 4 oz bottle
Includes 1 - 2 oz dry powder citric acid formula
1 - 4 oz applicator bottle

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