Mystery Ranch game bags white, reflective and blaze colored handles
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Complete your hunting kit with these washable nylon bags constructed with durable handles, high-viz reflector accents, and finished seams for season after season of use.

Making meat a cinch to haul and hang

A key component in any hunting kit, these game bags rest comfortably on the GUIDE LIGHT frame of MYSTERY RANCH hunting packs to take the edge off the longest off-trail hauls. Heavy duty grab handles make meat a cinch to handle and hang, and high-viz reflector accents ensure you won’t lose track of them in the dark. These bags are made from washable nylon and constructed with durable French seaming--so after you’ve finished packing out that trophy kill, you can clean them out and keep using them season after season.

Set includes two GAME BAG 60's and two GAME BAG 80's.

Built with lightweight yet durable nylon
3mm reflective cinch cord for ease of locating hanging meat at night
Set includes two GAME BAG 60's and two GAME BAG 80's.


20L: 0.3 lb
40L: 0.4 lb
80L: 0.5 lb
60L + 80L Set: 2.4 lb
20L: 1405 cu-ins
40L: 2625 cu-ins
60L: 3660 cu-ins
80L: 4880 cu-ins
20L: 19"x9"x9"
40L: 26"x11"x10"
60L: 28"x12"x12"
80L: 34"x14"x12"

Consultant Insights

The Mystery Ranch Game Bags are high quality and clean up well after a kill. They fit nicely on the Guide Light MT Frame with bone-in or boned-out meat, and the added reflective features really do help with locating them at night. 

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